Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Money Blogging Blueprint!

    • What to Expect from MBB

    • Resources Mentioned Throughout This Course

  • 2

    The Blueprint of a Profitable Blog

    • What your blog needs to make money

    • Selecting your niche

    • Profitable blog niches to consider

    • How to Define Your Target Audience

    • An Exercise to Define Your Audience

    • How to Find What Your Audience Wants to Read

    • Pain Point Examples

    • How to Make Your Content Engaging

    • Laying Out Your Blog for Success

    • How to Create Your Blog

    • Take Action: Write the Blueprint for Your Blog

  • 3

    Creating Profitable Blog Content

    • The Pillars of Profitable Blog Posts

    • Topic Research

    • Keyword research

    • Crafting the Blog Post

    • Take Action: Create Your First Blog Posts

  • 4

    Blog Content Marketing

    • Important! Before You Start Marketing Your Blog

    • Crafting Your Blog Marketing Strategy

    • When and How to Use Facebook Groups

    • Planning for Holidays

    • Building Blog Traffic with Pinterest and SEO

    • Take Action: Write Your Blog Marketing Plan