Making Blog SEO Easy

Break down the big scary SEO monster

Are you a blogger completely ignoring SEO because you either have no clue what SEO is and where to begin or you know you should be doing SEO but feel like it is such a technical challenge? This course is perfect for you. It breaks down the most important SEO tasks to introduce you to SEO for bloggers. Each module has 2 or 3 lectures or video training sessions and a task for you to complete. At the end of the course, you will be competent in keyword research and on-page SEO without even realizing it. Search engine traffic is sweet. It's passive, it's reliable and once you start to rank high for a keyword, there's a good chance you will keep your ranking and receive targeted traffic day after day without little effort. Don't you want some of that kind of traffic? I will teach you how to rank highly in the search engines without having to purchase a comprehensive and expensive course. This course will give you enough tools and knowledge to begin ranking for difficult keywords and prime you for the bigger, more technical courses if you so choose.
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What students are saying

Kelly Katharin -

Best $$$ I ever spent!

Kelly Katharin -

Truly understanding SEO has helped me redefine my niche and refine my voice. Priceless! I have a method now that I can use to improve the relevance of my posts and get more reach with them.
Mrs. 50 -

This Course is FANTASTIC!

Mrs. 50 -

I’ve taken several blogging courses. So far this course is my favorite. The course will get you started on a good solid foundation SEO. Not only this course will teach you how to get your blog to the next level but it’s also full with insightful and helpful information - no fluff. I truly enjoyed this course. Such a great SEO course for beginners.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Module 1 - Understanding SEO and Why You Need Search Traffic
    • What is SEO?
    • What are keywords?
    • What is Domain Authority?
    • How to Find Good Keywords
    • Assignment: Find a Keyword
  • 3
    Module 2 - On Page SEO
    • What is On Page SEO?
    • Heading Tags And Their SEO Importance Explained
    • On-Page SEO Demonstration
    • Lesson Recap: Reinforcing On-Page SEO
    • On-Page SEO Checklist
    • Module 2 Assignment - Site Clean Up
  • 4
    Module 3 - How to Find What Your Target Audience is Searching For
    • What’s Your Target Market Searching For?
    • The Balancing Act Between Writing For Readers And Writing For Search Bots
    • How to Find Blog Post Ideas
    • Assignment: Write a blog post outline
  • 5
    Module 4 - SEO Headlines
    • Crafting a Phenomenal Blog Post Title
    • How to craft a good blog post title
    • Assignment - Write a title for your post.
  • 6
    Module 5 - All About Keywords
    • The Art of Working Your Keywords & Phrases Into Content
    • Different Ways To Find Your Keywords & Phrases
    • High vs Low Volume Search Keywords
    • Latent Semantic Indexing
    • Keyword Intent
    • Assignment - Write Your Post
    • Using Keysearch to Find Keywords
  • 7
    Module 6 - Interlinking, Outbound Links and Backlinking
    • The Benefits Of Interlinking Your Site's Content
    • Don't Be Afraid Of Outgoing Links
    • What About Social Links?
    • Building Backlinks
    • Assignment: Adding links to your post
  • 8
    Module 7 - Multimedia for SEO
    • How to SEO Your Images
    • Why You Should Use Videos in Your Posts
    • Assignment: Add multimedia to your post
  • 9
    Module 8: Ongoing SEO
    • Becoming an Authority in Your Niche
    • Keep Your Content Fresh & On Topic
    • How to Track Your SEO Efforts
    • Video Training: Keeping Content Fresh and On Top of Google
    • Assignment: Update Old Posts, Create an FAQ page
  • 10
    Next Steps
    • Before you go...
    • Resources mentioned in this course